Refractarios Zedmex has the facility to produce practically any type of special or standard part that these industries require, from burner blocks, supports, and bars. Roller bearings or any design that is requested.

Among the most used compositions for the Ceramic Industry are the silicon carbide materials.

This material has been designed for plenty of applications and its application consists of the support and structures of the trolleys of ceramic sintering furnaces. The material based on low-temperature recrystallized silicon carbide significantly helps to reduce energy costs while improving the flow of gases and thereby the final properties of the sintered materials, as well as free space in the furnace for loading Of additional material.

With extreme resistance to hot load and oxidation characteristics, InVinCer’s Recrystallized Silicon Carbide material is specifically designed to withstand very heavy loads at high temperatures.

Its excellent thermal shock resistance ensures a long life in the most severe working environments.

Main Applications

  • Bars
  • Plates
  • Setters for all types of plates
  • Columns / Beams
  • Structures
  • Structural Supports