Zedmex has a long and successful track record in the Glass Industry, mainly in relation to Glass for Containers, industry that has supplied with special parts since 1979.

At Zedmex we specialize in the production of preformed special parts for this industry; The parts are used in the different processes of melting, treatment, coloring, homogenization of the molten glass until the formation of the drop (candle) that will finally produce the glass container.

We are aware that the key to an adequate conditioning of glass in all processes in the fusion of the same is the use of high-quality refractories. Its use in feeder and furnace mechanisms plays a crucial role in the formation and conditioning of glass before being formed into containers.

Our flexibility in the manufacture of the parts allows us to manufacture from small orifice rings for Spouts to large Cover blocks for the Feeder; The parts can be manufactured in our compositions based on Mullite, AZS (Alumina-Zircon-Silica), Fused Silica and Zirconium Oxide, both for special parts and for bricks, concrete, mortars and tamping.

Zedmex glass products have been widely tested and used by many glass container manufacturers around the world and we keep on growing year after year in this market.



Refractories of the highest quality and purity are essential for proper conditioning of the molten glass.

For this purpose, Zedmex special feeder parts are designed to result in a longer life for glass melting furnaces, by providing extraordinary characteristics of resistance to thermal shock, abrasion, and erosion.

Our extensive global expertise in the supply of special parts for glass feeder design includes parts for the refiner, alcoves, shift lines and color sections as well as for conditioning and cooling zones.

We maintain a large stock of standard parts; And unlike other refractory manufacturers, our customers are not forced to adapt to our inventory, Zedmex adapts to your needs, just indicate your requirements and Zedmex will produce for you the parts that fit your needs, in a reduced time at a very competitive price.

Zedmex has over the years obtained excellent recognition in the refractory industry as a reliable supplier of the highest quality products available globally. Being a flexible manufacturer with a team of highly experienced technicians, our mission is to attend the individual requirements of each client, both in their special parts and in their type and composition of glass that they handle.

Zedmex offers a wide variety of standard refractory shapes, and produces complex and intricate parts of the glass feeders area in high and low consumption volumes, always maintaining a close dimensional tolerance.

Zedmex refractory parts are formulated with the highest quality raw materials supplied from certified suppliers globally; they are designed to achieve physical-chemical properties that prolong the production campaigns in the feeder due to an extensive resistance to corrosion, erosion and thermal shock.

We are leaders in the production of Bushings, single to quad gob with standard or special designs.


Of all types of point (Ball, Standard, Flat, Offset, Conical)

From 5″ to 14″ in diameter for a feeder, with and without vents, all type of fins or ribs.