Refractarios Zedmex SA de CV

Our operations and successes have been based on the principles of our Mission.

Zedmex has obtained over the years excellent recognition in the refractory industry as a reliable supplier of the highest quality products available worldwide.

We are a flexible manufacturer with a team of highly experienced technicians; Our mission is to meet the individual requirements of each customer through the supply of special refractory parts, complemented by a first-class technical service.


Custom-made Products

Custom-made Products

  • Special Design Refractory Parts
  • Standard pressed bricks
  • Monolithic
    • Mortars
    • Concrete
    • Rammed
  • Insulation

Main characteristics of our products:

  • High purity materials
  • High precision in dimensions
  • Very high resistance to:
    • Thermal shock
    • Corrosion
    • Erosion
    • Hot load
  • High dimensional stability at high temperatures.
  • Full adaptation to forms, designs, characteristics and special requirements of the client.

For more information, please contact

+52 (81) 8336-3595